Our work

Our work with children and their families around Tanzania.

Childreach Tanzania is a locally registered charity with its office in Moshi, Kilimanjaro. We operate at the community level, working in partnership with government primary schools and local communities to help improve children's access to healthcare, education, child rights and protection. Childreach Tanzania unlocks the potential of some of the most marginalised children in Tanzania. By breaking down barriers that stop them from living as children should, we provide thousands of children every year with a chance to transform their lives.

We work with children to help them advocate for their rights, to learn in a good school, stay healthy and most importantly, keep safe. When children and their families secure these basic rights, we see their lives changing and communities becoming stronger. Currently our work is in Kilimanjaro, Manyara and Shinyanga.

We work with the unsung heroes – people within communities who have been supporting the rights of children for years. By working in partnership with these local activists, we ensure that our projects are tailored to what children really want and are entitled to.

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